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Re: Stability OL 2.3.11?

On Friday 14 October 2005 11:39, Tony Earnshaw wrote:
> Hi list,
> (Autumn|Fall) semester vacation (in Holland begins Monday 24th October)
> I plan on upgrading various software utilities on 2 RHAS3 production
> servers (master, slurpd slave), more than 1150 users who use OL
> authentication and user base for *everything*, the OL servers really get
> hammered. These have been running OL 2.2.17 on patched BDB 4.2.52 for
> more than 13 months, with extended uptimes (months at a time),
> absolutely no problems.
> I'd like to upgrade OL to 2.3.11, because of the greatly extended
> functionality WRT 2.2.  I've been running 2.3 on my RHAS3/RHAS4 test
> servers for months and have found both 2.3.9 and 2.3.11 to be stable and
> fine, do everything I want, and with GQ I can GUI-change all olc
> configuration parameters that I wish on the fly. Great :)
> I'd be very grateful for others' (especially Quanah's and Buchan's)
> comments on 2.3 patch level 9-11 with patched BDB 4.2.52's stability in
> production before I definitely go ahead. It's a fine product, I've
> gained enough experience with it, and I'd like to give it its head.

My 2.3.x LDAP boxen don't hit production for another 2 weeks, but to avoid 
more version creep (which affects lots of documentation, project plans, test 
plans etc) we'll probably be sticking with 2.3.9 + the odd patch from CVS, of 
course on + patch. Also, these boxen will initially only have 20 000 
or so entries (compared to the > 250 000 on our other set).

I was hoping to see some comments from Dusty Doris, whose 2.3.7 boxen with 
~~400 000 entries should have been in production for 3 weeks by now.


Buchan Milne
ISP Systems Specialist

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