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Re: SysV-ish Init Script: Run Levels?

On Wed, 2005-10-12 at 11:19 -0400, Jim Seymour wrote:

G'day all,

Recommendations for run levels for a SysV-ish init script for
RH Linux and Sun Solaris (and similar) systems?

*The* (ex Postfix, linxnet.com) Jim Seymour?

Red Hat (me RHAS4):

It depends on what you're running as OpenLDAP and whether it's Red Hat's
distro version or not. Here's my /usr/local, self-compiled based 2.3.9
version, attached (if the ML accepts attachments). Goes
in /etc/rc.d/init.d, then:

- chkconfig ldap off
- chkconfig ldap on

Other Linux vendors, or Solaris, might put it in /etc/rc.d, in which
case you might not, probably won't, get chkconfig (grace à SGI).



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