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Re: PPolicy Overlay - Wrongly expires user password

Shawn McKinney wrote:
OpenLDAP Version: 2.3.5 PPolicy Overlay Version: 1.62

Hm, why are you using 2.3.5 and not 2.3.7?

 Problem: PPolicy module determines user password is expired before
 pwdMaxAge time has elapsed.

 ** start log trace **

 ppolicy_bind: Entry cn=394359285170458054,ou=People,dc=fnfis,dc=com
 does not have valid pwdChangedTime attribute - assuming password


PPolicy module doesn't like a null pwdChangedTime attribute.

Correct. This behavior is by design.

Any ideas on what the corrective action might be?

Yes, use ldappasswd to reset the password (which will create a valid pwdChangedTime value).

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