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Re: PPolicy Overlay - Wrongly expires user password

--- Howard Chu <hyc@symas.com> wrote:

> Hm, why are you using 2.3.5 and not 2.3.7?

That was the latest as of a few weeks ago.  Did not
get the message that we must upgrade.

> >  Observation:
> >
> >  PPolicy module doesn't like a null pwdChangedTime
> attribute.
> Correct. This behavior is by design.
> >  Any ideas on what the corrective action might be?
> Yes, use ldappasswd to reset the password (which
> will create a valid 
> pwdChangedTime value).

This password has not yet been reset as it is a newly
created user.  Sounds like you are telling me that
following the creation of a new user in LDAP we must
subsequently reset their password?  

I am hoping that admin setting the userPassword value
via LDAP API ( Java client program ) will duplicate
the behavior of ldappasswd you mentioned.


Shawn McKinney