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Re: Admin tools for ldap

On Mon, 24 Sep 2001, Lye wrote:

> I am wondering if there is any admin tools for ldap that can allows u to:
> 1. Set up the slapd.conf

'joe' has always worked for me.  Alternately, you can use any of vi, emacs,
jove, je, pico, vim, elvis, nedit, kedit, kwrite, or any other text editor
which you are comfortable with.

> 2. "See" other Directory Servers in the network so that you can issues
> commands to replicate the data over

That's a lot more difficult, because there's no guarantee that simply
because you can see a DS you can write to it to perform the replication. 
And there certainly won't be a tool available to tell you the DN and cred to
write to the DS.

Furthermore, replication is typically automatic and configured for the
server - I can't really think of a situation where on-demand replication
would necessarily be better than constant replication.

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Matthew Palmer