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Re: ldappasswd(1)

"Kurt D. Zeilenga" <Kurt@OpenLDAP.org> writes:

> At 09:48 AM 2001-09-24, Miroslav Zubcic wrote:
> >ldappasswd -D "uid=testuser,ou=People,dc=crol,dc=net" -S -h click -W -x

> >Problem is - passwd is updated _only_ on master - entry is not
> >replicated. :-(

> Upgrade the master to 2.0.15.

ARGH! I didn't read CHANGES file! Sorry. :-(

 Fixed slapd passwd modify replication (ITS#1237)

gcc ...

Yup, it' working now. Thanks.

2.0.11 was proved to be OK, but on slave I was testing new version for
a couple of days before upgrading master - just in case.

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