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Re: Problem in replication

>From the keyboard of Vishwanath,

> Hi there,
> I have a master-slave configuration with Open-ldap version 1.2.11.
> I am facing a severe problem with data replication. Whenerver a new
> entry is added to the master,
> the replication to both the slaves does not take place consistently.
> Even though threads of slurpd are running
> in the master server and they have established the socket connection to
> slave slapds, the replication does not take place.
> When I restarted the slurpd, all the pending replication requests are
> processed immediately. Two servers with slave slapds
> do not have a static IP address. I have written a patch to update master
> server with dynamically changing IP address of slave servers.  In the
> conf file of master slapd, i have kept host names of the slave slapds
> for the 'replica' host field. Host name is resolved by /etc/hosts.
> Can any one help me in understanding the problem.

Are you sure it is not a problem with the "timestamp bug" ?
I think it is fixed in 1.2.13.