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Problem in replication

Hi there,

I have a master-slave configuration with Open-ldap version 1.2.11.
I am facing a severe problem with data replication. Whenerver a new
entry is added to the master,
the replication to both the slaves does not take place consistently.
Even though threads of slurpd are running
in the master server and they have established the socket connection to
slave slapds, the replication does not take place.
When I restarted the slurpd, all the pending replication requests are
processed immediately. Two servers with slave slapds
do not have a static IP address. I have written a patch to update master
server with dynamically changing IP address of slave servers.  In the
conf file of master slapd, i have kept host names of the slave slapds
for the 'replica' host field. Host name is resolved by /etc/hosts.

Can any one help me in understanding the problem.

Thank you,