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Schema Design using LDAP version 3

I'm making my first attempt at creating my own schema and I don't know how to create an objectclass that doesn't inherit the required attributes from it's parent node.  Is this even possible?  I tried defining the object class using the structural and auxiliary class types and neither worked.  Also, I'm wondering why it was designed this way.  Does anyone know?  I would have thought there would be a way to make the attributes required for the parent node, but not for each child node also.
I have an example of what I'm doing in an LDIF:
dn: dc=tlsus, dc=com
objectclass: organization
o: tlsus.com

dn: pcn=productCatalog, dc=tlsus, dc=com
objectclass: productCatalog
pcn: Product Catalog Test 1
pcv: Version 1
descr: This is the first test case of creating a product catalog.

dn: pgn=productGroupA1, pcn=productCatalog, dc=tlsus, dc=com
objectclass: productGroup
pgn: Product Group A 1
descr: Product Group for A 1
# These 2 attributes are inherited from above.
pcn: Product Catalog Test 1
pcv: Version 1
Also, does anyone know of any URLs on where to find detailed info on how to create your own schema?  I searched through OpenLDAP and either pages weren't there that it was listing, or the information wasn't detailed enough.  I can't find a book or web site that has detailed information on how to build a schema using LDAP version 3.  It would be nice if a web site had an example schema with an explanation on it.  I've been readin the book Understanding and Deploying LDAP Directory Services by Howes, Smith, and Good.  It's publised by MacMillan.
Wes Quinn
TransLogic Systems, Inc.
Apex, NC