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Hello all.

1. My first post on this list (longer too)
2. Sorry for my strange english
3. Question/problem:

I have played with OpenLDAP couple of months now and found it realy
damn *good*. LDAP is realy excellent thing. I have replaced NIS on my
LAN, and put in directory everything I can imagine, not just (ex)NIS,
sendmail, apache, patched samba ... Also, I have two hosts; one master
and second slave - updated from slurpd master over TLS. It works OK.

I have tried command from subject to see how users will change their
passwords, carefuly set access permisions in slapd.conf and tried test
on master like this:

ldappasswd -D "uid=testuser,ou=People,dc=crol,dc=net" -S -h click -W -x

Problem is - passwd is updated _only_ on master - entry is not
replicated. :-( Yes, slurpd is running on master host, I'm not novice
on unices, and SHA was used by default on master. Passwd was changed
sucessfuly, but not replicated on slave (there is no .rej files in
replica dir). I searched rfc3062 for (from the top of man page) for
keywords repl* and slav* but dind't find any reason for slave not to
be updated.

OpenLDAP is 2.0.11 on master and 2.0.15 on slave - yesterday, fresh
toasted by me and gcc :-) .


Are there some tools for users to change his/her loginShell, passwd,
gecos etc ... in LDAP - or every user must write ldif file and run
ldapmodify with bunch of arguments? :-\

Thanks for your assistance and... sorry to all if this is not right
place for my question.

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