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Re: Directory design and Application API ....

Sorry it seems English been my native tongue I am unable to speak it  ( yuk,
even that sounds bad  and I mean that ) ...

> Which patterns do you mean ?
    uid, cn, sn, gecos, givenname, initials, mail, mailaliases, mailroute
... etc ...
    I see that you might only need cn and sn, and should be able to recreate
most of the duplicated data ... see what I mean ...

> Querys which pass back patterns ?
    Sorry, I think I was thinking something out aloud ...

> It sounds very tricky.
> What do you wish to do (circumstantiate; concretely) ?
    In a database you wish to have a little information as possible, but
giving the full picuter ...

    I will give a better example ... so here goes, I think ...

    dc=company, dc=co, dc=za

    dc=branchA, dc=company, dc=co, dc=za
    dc=People, dc=branchA, dc=company, dc=co, dc=za
    uid=Y, dc=People, dc=branchA, dc=company, dc=co, dc=za

    dc=branchB, dc=company, dc=co, dc=za
    dc=People, dc=branchB, dc=company, dc=co, dc=za
    uid=X, dc=People, dc=branchB, dc=company, dc=co, dc=za

        First patten I see here is that I could setup mail routing when
uid=X then route to branch the X belongs in, instead of adding a
mailrouting=X@branchB ... this way, it keep the DB small for LDAP and if I
want I can override with an entery for X and not have to worry about every
having the corret entery for mailrouting ( I know this is a little silly,
but ever little things makes a difference )

        Second patten is to do with mailaliases, I have uid@company ( which
is normal ) and gecos@company, but have to currently make a list of all the
aliases that have a pattern ( if you understand what I mena by this ) ...
again, adding in overrides when needed or wanted ...

    I am sure there are quite a few other examples likes which I have not
thought of, again, building information from the less common stored data to
keep storage things down ... now I do know that this would mean extra
computing power need and both come cheap today, but it just something I
would like an view on.

> >     user X in branch Y could have just his basic details kept in LDAP,
> > his mail routing would default to X@Y and only if an override entery for
> > mailrouting would that be used.
> >
> >     Would this mean applications need to be changed to use this idea or
> > could it be impilmented in the LDAP server?
> >
> 1. Do you talking about a per user mailrouting ?
> You have to keep the list of mailrouters into the DIT.
> Second you need an attribute which holds the current mailroute for every
> The MTA must evaluate this mailroute instead of a static mailrouter list.
> I think this is a little bit tricky to configure into the MTAs
> but it should be possible.
> 2. Or dou you wanne store the incoming mail into elegible mailboxes ?
> In this case you can simply set the (other)mailbox attribute to a default
> Thats all, I think.