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Directory design and Application API ....

Greetings ...

    Thanks to all the developers and community of LDAP and OpenLDAP people
for all the great stuff we currently have ...

    Okay, I am about to redesign our auth and directory stuff and have been
looking into details what we have been doing.  Now will a little old history
in database stuff I was looking at system and starting seeing a lot of
patterns and could find nothing that had be decieded which way I should
impilment our future system.

    Let me explain and hope that somebody would be able to give me their
views on this.

    One of the things we use LDAP for is mail routing.  Now we have a few
branches and an almost flat namespace ( if that is the correct way to put
it. ). Now I would like to know if it's best to have lots on information in
the directory, or use the patterns that I see to reduse the amount of
information stored and have queries which pass back patterns ... ie ...

    user X in branch Y could have just his basic details kept in LDAP, but
his mail routing would default to X@Y and only if an override entery for
mailrouting would that be used.

    Would this mean applications need to be changed to use this idea or
could it be impilmented in the LDAP server?

Thanks for all your input.