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Re: Directory design and Application API ....

> it. ). Now I would like to know if it's best to have lots on information in
> the directory, or use the patterns that I see to reduse the amount of
> information stored and have queries which pass back patterns ... ie ...

Which patterns do you mean ?
Querys which pass back patterns ?
It sounds very tricky.
What do you wish to do (circumstantiate; concretely) ?

>     user X in branch Y could have just his basic details kept in LDAP, but
> his mail routing would default to X@Y and only if an override entery for
> mailrouting would that be used.
>     Would this mean applications need to be changed to use this idea or
> could it be impilmented in the LDAP server?

1. Do you talking about a per user mailrouting ?

You have to keep the list of mailrouters into the DIT.
Second you need an attribute which holds the current mailroute for every user.
The MTA must evaluate this mailroute instead of a static mailrouter list.
I think this is a little bit tricky to configure into the MTAs configuration,
but it should be possible.

2. Or dou you wanne store the incoming mail into elegible mailboxes ?

In this case you can simply set the (other)mailbox attribute to a default value.
Thats all, I think.