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LDAP Authentication ; allow Logins per Host

Dear List,

I'm currently implementing OpenLDAP as a authentication Server in
my company.
It provides account informations for linux/sun with pam_ldap.

I have all users,groups and workstations in my ldap tree.
I thinked about adding a objectClass: groupOfUniqueNames to
each of the Workstation. Then i can add all users i want to
have access to this workstation as an uniqueMember.

I thinked about doing this by adding something like this to
my /etc/ldap.conf:
pam_groupdn "cn=workstation1234,ou=machines,o=company"
pam_member_attribute "uniqueMember"

My question is when i change the pam_member_attribute from memberuid
to uniqueMember will this affect my Unix Groups ?
Will pam_ldap/nss_ldap use the "pam_member_attribute" to find the
users in a posixGroup, too ?

Markus Benning

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