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slapd -h

The documentation on the slapd states the following that the option
 "This option specifies alternative listener configurations. The default is ldap:///which implies LDAP over TCP on all interfaces on the default LDAP port 389. You can specify specific host-port pairs or other protocol schemes (such as ldaps:// or ldapi://). For example, -h "ldaps:// ldap://"; will create two listeners: one for LDAP over SSL on all interfaces on the default LDAP/SSL port 636, and one for LDAP over TCP on the localhost (loopback) interface on port 667. Hosts may be specified using IPv4 dotted-decimal form or using host names.
Port values must be numeric."
when i give an ip and port of another host over the network what is the significance?

what do have to do the ensure that the requests
from clients(ldapsearch) on my localhost are served by an ldap server over the network (without using the -h  option with ldapsearch).

Any pointers are welcome
thanks in advance