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Re: dynamic ACLs

>>I think making a signal to reload slapd.conf on the fly would be a
>>great improvement.

Yes it would.  At least to reread the schemas if nothing else,  although
reprocessing the ACLs would be very nice as well

>>I need to
>>restart slapd, restart qmail-ldap, restart courier-imap, etc., just
>>to enable logging. THen, to diable....
>But to solve your situation you should also tell the implementors of
>qmail-ldap, courier-imap, etc. to implement a simple reconnect
>mechanism. Shouldn't be too hard for them.

Yes,  I have LDAP enabled Samba and Sendmail, LDAP PAM/NSS, as well as LDAP
applications written in PHP,  and they are handle a bounce of the LDAP server

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