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Re: replication to 50.000 servers

"Roel van Meer" <rolek@linvision.com> wrote...
> Ron Chmara wrote:
> > On Wednesday, September 5, 2001, at 01:51  AM, Roel van Meer
> > wrote:
> > > Hi list,
> > > I am in need of a solution where i store configuration in a
> > > central database, which gets replicated to about 50.000
> > > different machines. I thought about using ldap for this.
> >
> > Er... bad idea.
> After reading your reply, i reckoned i haven't been clear in what
> i want. What i would like to do is replicate a little piece of my
> master db to each of the 50.000 servers. Every server is only to
> get his own little piece of the tree.
> I think the mentioned solution of slurpd in one-shot mode is
> very well useable.

fear you'll have lots of configuration work in this case.. (thought you can
generate this with a script, you'll need a config for each of the 50.000
servers..) why not just write a frontend that forwards the changes to the
destination server by the servers IP..? (which will be stored in the
directory i guess..) if you feel for it, you even might want to write a
web-base-admin tool..