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Re: slapcat

""Kurt D. Zeilenga"" <Kurt@OpenLDAP.org> wrote...
> At 07:26 PM 2001-09-05, Markus Storm wrote:
> >can I safely run slapcat while running slapd?
> I don't recommend doing so.  slapcat opens and locks
> databases and this may have a negative impact upon
> slapd operations and this could result in database
> corruption.  You, however, should be able to safely
> copy the database files and then use slapcat on the
> copy.

uhm.. but in this case we might get problems with data-consitence..? at
least i got some troubles when copying a db while slapd was running due to
(i guess) cached data not been written to disk.. i think this was related to
the NEXTID-thingy of openldap1.2.X.. has this been nullified with
openldap2.0.X's nextid.dbb..?
may we use a filesystem backup (or a mirrored FS) for reliability
(concerning a FS-crash e.g.) of openldap2.0.X-directories..? as long as we
ensure that no writes are done during backup, of course..