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Re: feature roadmap

In regards to your 1. and 2. questions about when a particular feature will
be implemented, the answer is "when it is".  Due to the volunteer nature of
the project, no schedules of availability are made available.

In regards to your 3. question, nesting of groups in 2.0 ACLs is not

In regards to your 4. question, yes, see the archives of this list.

In regards to your 5. question, yes.  Seems a number of users are having
problems with our TLS/SSL (see archives of this list), however I am not
aware of any significant code flaw in OpenLDAP which prevents
interoperability.  If there are such flaws, I would assume they have
been reported to the Issue Tracking System.


>Here are the bullet
>1. When will access and schema be moved into the DIT?
>2. Will ACI attributes ever be inheritable by children?
>3. Can groups be nested? Are there checks for infinte loops or deadlock?
>4. are there any real world benchmarks showing high usage?
>5. Any problems w/ SSL support?