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RE: ldap_*_cache

Title: ldap_*_cache
I'm using it, and it seems to work fine, although you will see some ber_dump: and ber_scanf stuff dumped to stderr.
It appears that a debug flag sometimes gets set on the ber_ structures sometimes.  I kind of think it's an unitialized value, but for the life of me, I can't find out where it's coming from.
I'll surely submit a patch if I ever track it down.
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Subject: ldap_*_cache

i havent seen many comment on this so....

what experiences have people had with the ldap_*_cache functions?
i would like to use them to get some pickups in lookup times for an app that searches (ldap_search_s) for group/user info, and the cache functions seem like a nice place to get some performence, client side.  i havent seen many comments about them so im wondering if the cache functions perform as desired and have no ill side effects...