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Re: Multiple organizations == multiple suffixes?

> I need to model my own organization ( "windh.com" ) and other "partner" 
> organizations in the following structure:
> + dc=com
>     + dc=windh
>         + ou=users
>         + ou=departments
>     + dc=megapix
>         + ou=resources
> + dc=se
>     + dc=luckylook
>         + ou=marketing
> According to the quick start guide, my suffix needs to look like 
> <MY-DOMAIN>,<COM>, i.e "windh.com". However, it's required by our 
> application that other organizations be added dynamically ( 
> "megapix.com" and "luckylook.se" e.g ) via our administration tools. But 
> it seems as if I have to add them manually in "slapd.conf". Is this 
> correct, or is there a way to accomplish this without editing the 
> configuration file each time?

You cannot add things to the slapd.conf file dynamically
(unless you write a script or anything like that). In your
case you may use an empty suffix (""), which should be
fully supported in 2.0.12. This is not recommended unless
unavoidable as in your case. But if you are likely to add
new naming contexts seldom, and you won't end up with
thousands of naming contexts, you better add them manually
as different databases. Another issue is the need to search 
them altogether. In this case they need to be in one db only,
which means again using the empty "" suffix.