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Multiple organizations == multiple suffixes?

I need to model my own organization ( "windh.com" ) and other "partner" organizations in the following structure:

+ dc=com
   + dc=windh
       + ou=users
       + ou=departments
   + dc=megapix
       + ou=resources
+ dc=se
   + dc=luckylook
       + ou=marketing

According to the quick start guide, my suffix needs to look like <MY-DOMAIN>,<COM>, i.e "windh.com". However, it's required by our application that other organizations be added dynamically ( "megapix.com" and "luckylook.se" e.g ) via our administration tools. But it seems as if I have to add them manually in "slapd.conf". Is this correct, or is there a way to accomplish this without editing the configuration file each time?

/Marc Klefter