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Re: slapd daemon automatically disappear on RedHat-6.2?


Thanks for your reply. In my application, I use the OpenLDAP to store
all my company's PC information, ex. IP, description, owner, hadware, OS,
and so on.
Every morning, the employee opens their computer, and the installed software
connects to
LDAP to search the information or modify the current IP(because the DHCP is
used), Currently,
there may more than thousands employees connect to OpenLDAP simultaneously.
OpneLDAP-2.0.11 is recompiled on RH-6.2 followed by the default steps on
Administration Guide.
I have found some strange scenarios:

1. The number of threads for slapd is 3, however, the number of threads
increases to about 30 when
    there are massive requests coming simultaneousely. These about 30
threads are lifed forever. Does
    anyone know that when will these threads will be killed?
2. When I do some modification operation to a entry, the slapd is
disappeared. I can not find the exact condition
     to make the slapd disappear.

In my experience, the OpenLDAP is worked well for my other applicatuions. I
don't know why this strange
ssituation occurs.

ps: What is the REL_ENG_2 code  and CVS?

Thanks again!


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Subject: Re: slapd daemon automatically disappear on RedHat-6.2?

> On Fri, Aug 31, 2001 at 08:42:22AM +0800, Shih-Chang Wang wrote:
> > I have installed OpneLDAP-2.0.11 on RedHat-6.2 Linux platform.
> > Everything seems to be ok. However, When the clients make some
> > modifications into LDAP server, the slapd daemon will be killed
> > automatically. I tried it serveral times and got the same result.
> > Client's API is implemented by Netscape C SDK. Does anybody give
> > me some suggestions to solve this problem? or, Does anybody know
> > , in what's condition, the slapd daemon will be terminated without
> > using "kill" command?
> In your case? Not without more details. You might try upgrading to the
> REL_ENG_2 code from CVS. Or find out more about the queries, check the
> Issue Tracking System at http://www.openldap.org/, and send more details
> to this list if you don't find an answer.
> -Peter
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