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Re: slapd daemon automatically disappear on RedHat-6.2?

On Mon, Sep 03, 2001 at 09:11:33AM +0800, Shih-Chang Wang wrote:

> OpneLDAP-2.0.11 is recompiled on RH-6.2 followed by the default steps on
> Administration Guide.

Have you tried 2.0.12 yet?

> 2. When I do some modification operation to a entry, the slapd is
> disappeared. I can not find the exact condition
>      to make the slapd disappear.
> In my experience, the OpenLDAP is worked well for my other applicatuions. I
> don't know why this strange
> ssituation occurs.

Hmm. :-(

> ps: What is the REL_ENG_2 code  and CVS?

CVS is the source code version control system used by the OpenLDAP 
development team. REL_ENG_2 is a tag applied to code that is believed
fairly stable (but not yet released).



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