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Re: UNIX Disk Quote Control w/LDAP

Hi Terry,

Thank you VERY MUCH for the available input and suggestion.

> It sounds like you are saying that you want quotas enforced on LDAP
> credentials alone, and that the LDAP credentials would not map to real

Yes, this is exactly what we want to do.  As you mentioned, we have no
problem in mail by making use of an LDAP enabled "deliver" program. 
What we are trying to do is to provide a http server for user home page
storage, we have found Apache and ftp to speak "LDAP".  However, the
LDAP enabled ftp doesn't control disk quota, when user ftp upload their
home page to a http server without /etc/passwd, we can not think of a
way to keep the disk user disk quota under control within this server. 
Do you know if there is "anything" already available instead of writing
our own wrapper?