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Re: (ITS#4991) pcache and rwm don't play well together

No comments on this? So I guess this means I can just go ahead and submit the 
patch to HEAD for testing?

On Monday 04 June 2007 17:13, Ralf Haferkamp wrote:
> Hello,
> slightly related to the above ITS, I have found another issue. I am not
> sure though if this is a bug or if the behaviour is intended. I have a
> setup here were the pcache and rwm-overlay is used on top of back-ldap.
> rwm is used to rewrite some Attributetypes unknown to the Schema of the
> local server to Attributetypes that are defined in the local server. As the
> attribute values from unknown attribute types cannot be normalized by the
> proxy, I am wondering if rwm should normalize them during the Mapping
> process? Otherwise the Values will endup un-normalized in the cache
> database, and I get incomplete results when requests are answered from the
> cache.
> I have a patch ready for this but I was wondering if the normalization step
> is left out by intention and wanted to ask before commiting my patch.