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Re: back-config, includes

Howard Chu writes:
>Hallvard B Furuseth wrote:
>> Our site has two schema directories: The directory which OpenLDAP
>> installs with its own schema files, and a directory outside
>> LDAP_SYSCONFDIR with our other schema files.  LDAP_SYSCONFDIR
>> contains the OpenLDAP version name, so we have to copy the
>> configuration (*.conf) from the last installation to the current one
>> and edit it a bit.
>> It's not the biggest problem in the world to create symlinks between
>> the two, but if others have the same setup, remember that there are
>> filesystemes that do not support symlinks.  And _copying_ schema
>> files from the private schema directory to the installation directory
>> could easily lead to mismatches - one would edit a file in one
>> directory but forgot to copy it to the others.
> First of all, schema files are not the sort of thing that get edited
> frequently.

Frequently no, but there are plenty of schemas out there which are under
development.  We are using three such, one of them our own.  With five
servers, three different setups and different people responsible for
some of them we've made mistakes with incomplete config changes already,
and I doubt it'll be the last time.  So we try to keep things as simple
as possible.

> Secondly, all of the old-style config files are being phased
> out. Only LDIFs should be actively maintained on a 2.3 installation. As
> I posted already, you can continue to do things the old way, but it
> would be advantageous to migrate to the new and stay there.

I was thinking of how to do the equivalent thing with the new setup, and
your suggestion of a cn=schema,cn=config subtree with individual entries
corresponding to the previous schema files.

Maybe LDIF format could be extended to support "entries" that look like
'include: filename' or something.