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Re: back-config, includes

Hallvard B Furuseth wrote:

Secondly, all of the old-style config files are being phased
out. Only LDIFs should be actively maintained on a 2.3 installation. As
I posted already, you can continue to do things the old way, but it
would be advantageous to migrate to the new and stay there.

I was thinking of how to do the equivalent thing with the new setup, and
your suggestion of a cn=schema,cn=config subtree with individual entries
corresponding to the previous schema files.

Maybe LDIF format could be extended to support "entries" that look like
'include: filename' or something.

Yes, I was looking for something like that before, there have been a few proposals but nothing came of them. In the config schema I defined the include attribute as a subtype of labeledURI. My plan was that if it contains an unadorned pathname, that will be parsed as an old-style config file (which is all that it does today), and if it contains a FILE URL, that will be read as an LDIF. (And further down the road, if it contains an LDAP URL do the query and use the returned content.) But as I was testing things it seemed that include files were too much trouble. If it turns out that we can't live without them, so be it.

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