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Re: back-bdb deadlocks?

> > Did a quick experiment and slapd ran just fine with removed log files.
> > lifetime of the long-lived transaction does not seem to span over
> > slapd runs. Do you mean the behavior on an erroneous condition where
> > transactions are not aborted/committed upon slapd termination ?
> He means that if you keep slapd running for a long time
> (which most folks would aim to do, presumably), then
> the transaction logs will grow without bounds. Tyically
> the available disk space is not unlimited, so at some point
> it will fill up, if sufficient write operations are performed on
> the database.

In my box, slapd still works fine after removing log files while it is
running. Isn't it that the persistent (long-lived) transaction do not have
any updates ? Howard, which behavior did you observe in your setup ?
- Jong-Hyuk