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Re: Replication to arbitrary process?

At 02:54 PM 12/29/2003, Hadmut Danisch wrote:
>sorry if this has been discussed before. I'd like to 
>propose a little feature:
>slurpd should be able to not only update replication servers
>through LDAP protocol, but to feed the LDIF to an arbitrary command 
>through STDIN. 

One can front slurpd with arbitrary commands.  That is, you
can write a pair of programs which move the slapd replogs
to a remote system for remote processing by slurpd.

>I currently need to replicate LDAP to some mobile computers which 
>are connected to the internet only sometimes and with dynamic IP
>addresses. The do download e-mail and other data through UUCP, which
>pretty well does the job. 

Well, one can slurp even with dynamic IP addresses by using
TCP forwarding tools.  Hint:

(How to use TCP forwarding tools (or how to write them if needed)
is way beyond scope of this list.)

Or just use syncrepl (see 2.2 Admin Guide).

>Would be nice if LDAP updates could be distributed through UUCP
>batch jobs or as an E-Mail with a specific content type. All this
>could be done if slurpd would be able to simply feed the diffs to an 
>arbitrary command (=any shell/perl script).

You're welcomed to code something up...