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Re: Backend proposal

Hadmut Danisch wrote:

just a proposal for a new, simple backend:


If you have an LDAP server for dc=somewhere,dc=org and want to store referrals for dc=elsewhere,dc=org , dc=somecompany,dc=com etc., then this cannot be
trivially implemented (is it?). Since bdb supports only
a single suffix, a separate bdb is required for every referral, or one for suffix="", causing other problems.

The proposal is to implement a very simple backend which
does not support deleting, writing, changing, just reading. It should read the configuration from a plain file like

dc=elsewhere,dc=org                ldap://...
dc=somecompany, dc=com             ldap://...

and generate the apropriate referral entries.

Should be easy to convert dnssrv into such a backend.

This can be done, I think, by using the DNSSRV backend; then you move the configuration effort to your DS.

This returns plain referrals to the servers that serve
the domains obtaied from the dc-style naming context
of the requests you supply.  If you want your requests
to behave like direct operations, you can use a back-ldap
with null suffix that directs requests to the dnssrv;
back-ldap automatically chases referrals for you, so
it will act like a regular server, while actually
proxying all your operations (not only searches, then)
to the servers resolved via DNSSRV.

Note that there are plans to merge these features
in a single backend by means of the overlay mechanism.


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