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Re: New Proxy cache overlay

Howard Chu wrote:

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From: Apurva Kumar [mailto:kapurva@in.ibm.com]


That's really great news!

I haven't seen the new code yet

Consider it an attempt at further validating the overlay concept. Testing this code has highlighted some of the uglier aspects of the current slap_callback mechanism. That really needs to be smoothed out.


my DN rewrite/ attr mapping overlay is finally working. I could commit it very quickly (although not finished yet),
but there are a couple of side effects:

1) the most important change is that I eliminated
all the dn rewrite and attribute mapping from back-ldap,
whcih has a side effect: back-meta does not work any
more.  I'll fix it temporarily by moving there all the
code that it was borrowing from back-ldap, but in the
medium term I'd like to disable back-meta.
2) I added some flags to the SlapReply structure to
handle result data modification (significantly entry
and matched fields modification).  Now these values,
if need be modified, are copied, and their old value
is freed or simply discarded based on these flags.
Moreover, after results are sent, they need be freed
and I'm in trouble in placing this final free in the right

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