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RE: New Proxy cache overlay

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> my DN rewrite/ attr mapping overlay is finally working.
> I could commit it very quickly (although not finished yet),
> but there are a couple of side effects:

I've been thinking that it might make sense to have a rewrite backend. An
overlay will modify an existing backend's behavior, so that the original
behavior isn't available. This is probably OK for back-ldap/back-meta that
are intended to integrate a foreign DIT into a local one. But there's also a
desire to provide alternate views into a local DIT, and this is where a
rewrite backend is more useful:

database bdb
suffix dc=example,dc=com

database rewrite
suffix o=example.com,c=us
target dc=example,dc=com
<various mapping stuff>

The idea here is that the rewrite backend will accept queries for its own
suffix, and map them to some other backend. This would be the equivalent of
the old suffixalias functionality, plus the rest of the mapping capabilities.
The original tree with its unmapped attributes is still directly accessible.
We can do this right now using back-ldap, but a rewrite backend could just
call the target backend internally.

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