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RE: Build environment for overlays

Kurt wrote:
> I'd like to see the addition of a Makefile.in that builds
> the overlays.  Also, I like to see static overlay support added.
> There are cases were dynamically loading of modules is problematic.

Ando wrote:
> Since overlays should be intended as user-defined layers,
> with some of the most commonly used provided by the
> distribution, I guess the best approach would b to provide
> a general rule that compiles all the .c present in the ovrlays/
> directory and links them into a library, which is later loaded
> by slapd.
> This requires no changes in slapd (unless strictly required)
> and no changes in the build procedure.

OK, this is checked in to HEAD now...
configure --with-proxycache[=no|yes|mod]
default is no, "yes" means build statically linked, "mod" means dynamic
If --enable-modules was not given, then "mod" is changed to "yes".

I was tempted to change all of the backend flags to this form as well, but I
resisted the urge... It makes it a bit less tedious to configure tho, IMO.

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