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Re: FW: passwd extop backend selection (ITS#2851)

> I believe we ought to change the passwd extop function to execute mainly
> in the frontend. The only thing that is needed is to retrieve the entry,
> create the hashes, and then issue a modify on the backend. This would
> eliminate some redundancy in the backends...

OK, this is an item for the todo list;
I'll commit this change by now, because
I need the functionality.

By the way, I note that many operations
that may be common to extops in back-ldap
could be anticipated in ldap_back_extended()
I'm thinking about ldap_back_getconn() and
ldap_back_dobind(), which I had to anticipate
in the case of proxyAuthz.  This would save
some work and code duplication in each extop
function, e.g. ldap_back_exop_passwd().


Pierangelo Masarati