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OpenLDAP To Do List

The short list is: manual pages, manual pages, manual pages.
But the long list is:

OpenLDAP To Do List

This is a list of projects that need getting done.  They are defined
by scale of the effort as opposed to priority.  Contribute to
projects based upon your personal priorities.

If you would like to work on any of these projects, please coordinate
by posting to OpenLDAP-devel mailing list:

If you have a project you'd like added to the list, talk it up on
Developer's list or just do it.

Please read:

OpenLDAP 2.x Projects
        Complete Unicode Support (ACLs, etc.)
    client API update
        Implement per referral/continuation callback
        Implement referral chasing options w/ referral callback
    Update manual pages

Large projects
Redesign slapd memory allocation fault handling
Perform a security audit (and fix any hole found)
Implement LCUP

Medium projects
Add support for in-directory SASL secrets
Implement dNSReferral <draft-zeilenga-ldap-dnsref-xx.txt>
Implement authPassword (RFC 3112)
Implement localization
Implement LDAP transactions

Small projects
Implement -E/-e extensions options
Implement -V version options
Implement simple paged results control
Implement whoami? (get-authzid) operation
Implement proxy-grp operation/control
Add tests to test suite (ACI, moddn, manageDSAit, subtyping, etc.)
Add support for Cyrus pwcheckd/saslauthd
Add support for Cyrus SASL v2-beta
Create ldapbind (from ldappasswd?) to support bind operations
Create ldapcompare (from ldapsearch) to support compare operations
Update any manual page

For additional TODO items, see:

$OpenLDAP: pkg/ldap/doc/devel/todo,v 1.86 2002/01/12 03:14:32 kurt Exp $