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Re: liblber/io.c:ber_get_next

At 12:53 PM 2002-01-10, Howard Chu wrote:
>The code to deal with multi-byte tags in ber_get_next is byte-order dependent, it will only work on a Big-Endian platform. It seems to me that this code shouldn't even be here since the only valid tag at this point is 0x30. Any opinions?

For the LDAPMessage SEQUENCE, the 0x30 is to be expected.
However, once could use ber_get_next to read BER/DER
element which had a multi-octet tag.  If the code could
can be easily patched to handle correctly and efficiently
handle multi-byte tags, that is what I would prefer.
Otherwise, we might as well optimize for single-octet


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