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RE: where has ber_bvdup() gone?

At 03:35 PM 2002-01-05, Howard Chu wrote:
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>> From: Kurt D. Zeilenga [mailto:Kurt@OpenLDAP.org]
>> I note that one of the reasons that strings are copied out of
>> the BER data is to null terminate them.  A properly designed
>> API would return pointers and length to non-null terminated
>> strings, yet provide routines for converting to null terminating
>> strings when applications desire such.
>That's not strictly necessary. All the work can be done in-place
>with some minor changes - in ber_get_next, the ber_buf should
>be allocated with size ber_len+1 instead of ber_len, to allow
>null-termination of the last element. Every preceding element can
>be null-terminated by overwriting the following tag.

doesn't work if the string is the last element of data...
(you might be able to work around this by overallocating
the BerElement with an extra octet.

>The tag just
>needs to be stashed away inside the BerElement before being overwritten,
>and ber_peek_tag/ber_skip_tag/ber_get_tag modified accordingly.
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