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RE: where has ber_bvdup() gone?

At 02:24 PM 2002-01-05, Howard Chu wrote:
>Sorry, I had not checked the draft. Note however that the latest draft expired
>April 8 2000, quite a long time ago. If it were still a viable document, I
>would post some suggestions to the IETF working group to
>replace all use of ber_bvec-whatever.

The LDAPext WG is concluding without completing this work item.
The authors may choose to bring the document forward on an
individual basis.  If so, I'll strongly recommend it be made
Informational, not Standard Track, due to a number of major
short comings.

High on my list of short comings in the API's protocol result /
API error code handling.  There are other issues.

One of these days someone will get annoyed enough by the API
specification to design a new one...  (a few of us discussed
doing this at IETF#52, but we're all quite busy with other
things at the moment).

I note that one of the reasons that strings are copied out of
the BER data is to null terminate them.  A properly designed
API would return pointers and length to non-null terminated
strings, yet provide routines for converting to null terminating
strings when applications desire such.

Anyways, I agree that the current API should maintain source
level compatible with the IETF I-D.  However, I would welcome
work to design and implement replacement libraries from the
ground up.