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Re: slapd modules

At 09:59 AM 2002-01-05, Gene Ma wrote:
>In OpenLDAP 2.0 Administrator's Guide section 1.4, it states:
>"slapd consists of two distinct parts: a front end that handles protocol
>communication with LDAP clients; and modules which handle specific tasks
>such as database operations."
>I need some helps on how this statement reflects source files in
>~/servers/slapd, in which some sub-directories handles backend databases,
>and backend.c handles linkage between front end to the specific database. If
>this is the right reading, I assume that all the *.c files except backend.c
>under ~/servers/slapd are belong to the front end part. Am I right?

I consider backend.c to be part of the front-end, the part which
manages backends.