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question about connections and operations


I hope I am posting to the correct list. If not, let me know.
I am modifying the openldap code for my company (creating a new
backend). I am using openldap 1.2x as my code base. One of the things I
need to add is a new member variable in the Connection structure since
all the operations within a connection need this information. Now
different operations may modify this member. My question is, do
operations within a connection occur possibly concurrently, or do they
happen only in order, meaning that one operation must complete before
the next operation within that connection may proceed. If they can
happen concurrently, then I need a lock for my new member. If not, I

Logically, I assumed that each operation must complete before proceeding
to the next operation becuase if the client binds (using the same
connection), that operation certainly must complete before the next
operation can continue. However, I think I noticed that a new thread is
created for each operation which seems to indicate concurrency. Any help
is greatly appreaciated. 


Yoel Spotts
Yoel Spotts			yoel@vasco.com
VASCO Data Security, Inc.	http://www.vasco.com