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Re: OpenLDAP 2.0-Alpha2 available

At 05:20 PM 8/19/99 -0700, Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:
>OpenLDAP 2.0-alpha2 is now available for download:
>  ftp://www.openldap.org/pub/OpenLDAP/openldap-alpha/openldap-2.0-alpha2.tgz

Sorry, the correct URL is:


>This is primarily a developer preview release and is for testing purposes
>only.   Inexperienced users should use "release" and/or "stable" versions
>available at http://www.openldap.org/software/download/.  It's expected
>that all users of this preview release actively read the developer's
>mailing list.
>This version is NOT database compatible with prior versions. You
>must build a test database using your existing ldbmcat(8) (w/ -n option)
>to generate an LDIF file.   This LDIF file can be imported into your
>test database using either slapadd(8) or ldapadd(1).
>This preview release includes:
>        Basic LDAPv3 Support
>        Updated LDAP C API
>        Updated slapd alias/referral support
>        Additional slapd (experimental) backends
>                BDB2 backend
>                LDAP backend
>                Perl backend
>                TCL backend
>        Support for dynamically loadable backends
>        Improved configure script
>        Experimental NT slapd port
>        Experimental CygWin32 port
>Changes since 2.0-alpha include everything from development branch
>since the original branch release engineering branch point
>	database/index changes
>	introduction of new slap tools: slapadd, slapcat, and slapindex
>	removal of ldif2* and ldbm* tools
>	removal of ldapd from distribution
>	numerous bug fixes