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OpenLDAP 2.0-Alpha2 available

OpenLDAP 2.0-alpha2 is now available for download:

This is primarily a developer preview release and is for testing purposes
only.   Inexperienced users should use "release" and/or "stable" versions
available at http://www.openldap.org/software/download/.  It's expected
that all users of this preview release actively read the developer's
mailing list.

This version is NOT database compatible with prior versions. You
must build a test database using your existing ldbmcat(8) (w/ -n option)
to generate an LDIF file.   This LDIF file can be imported into your
test database using either slapadd(8) or ldapadd(1).

This preview release includes:
        Basic LDAPv3 Support
        Updated LDAP C API
        Updated slapd alias/referral support
        Additional slapd (experimental) backends
                BDB2 backend
                LDAP backend
                Perl backend
                TCL backend
        Support for dynamically loadable backends
        Improved configure script
        Experimental NT slapd port
        Experimental CygWin32 port

Changes since 2.0-alpha include everything from development branch
since the original branch release engineering branch point

	database/index changes
	introduction of new slap tools: slapadd, slapcat, and slapindex
	removal of ldif2* and ldbm* tools
	removal of ldapd from distribution
	numerous bug fixes