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Re: referrals

> > Note that the current behavior is aberrant since v2 doesn't allow for
> > referrals to be returned to the client at all.
> True, but maybe not quite as bad as you think.  To return an error code
> not in rcf1777 is aberrant, but the server is free to put whatever text
> it wants in the errorMessage field.

Ahh. Good point. I got so focused on the search end, I forgot that it
stuck the referral into the error message.

There are both compile-time (COMPAT30) and runtime tests available.
Now I just have to sort out how to write the message properly. Currently,
it continues to put the referrals in the error message and return a
partial result.


p.s. Anybody know how to see what port we're listening on? The port
number in slapd_daemon() doesn't seem to get tucked away anywhere for
me to find it from within the backend.