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Re: referrals

streich@austin.apc.slb.com said:
> Should this be modified to be
> v3-compliant only? 

I don't think so.

> Note that the current behavior is
> aberrant since v2 doesn't allow for referrals to be returned to
> the client at all.

Technically correct, but UMich LDAPv2 does referrals and is arguably a defacto 
standard implementation. And Netscape DS handles this as JohnK noted. 

h.b.furuseth@usit.uio.no said:
> Send proper LDAPv3 referrals to v3 clients.
> Retain the current behaviour when talking to v2 clients: Fake
> referrals in the errorMessage field, and a return code which does not
> exist in rfc1777. 

Right. The client can announce which version it desires to use in it's Bind 
operation. In v3, the client doesn't have to bind first, so nominally the 
client is indicating it wants to do v3 if it simply starts firing away with 
protocol operations other than a Bind.

However, the server implementer can give the server administrator config 
choices to select just what behavior is desired, e.g...

	[hypothetical slapd.conf or equivalent]
	- speak with [ v2 | v3 | v2&v3 ] clients.
	- do UMich-style v2 referrals [ yes | no ]
	- assume client who queries w/o binding a v3 client [ yes | no ]