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Re: referrals

> h.b.furuseth@usit.uio.no said:
> > Send proper LDAPv3 referrals to v3 clients.
> > Retain the current behaviour when talking to v2 clients: Fake
> > referrals in the errorMessage field, and a return code which does not
> > exist in rfc1777. 
> Right. The client can announce which version it desires to use in it's Bind 
> operation. In v3, the client doesn't have to bind first, so nominally the 
> client is indicating it wants to do v3 if it simply starts firing away with 
> protocol operations other than a Bind.
> However, the server implementer can give the server administrator config 
> choices to select just what behavior is desired, e.g...
> 	[hypothetical slapd.conf or equivalent]
> 	- speak with [ v2 | v3 | v2&v3 ] clients.
> 	- do UMich-style v2 referrals [ yes | no ]
> 	- assume client who queries w/o binding a v3 client [ yes | no ]

Hmmm. I don't think that last option should be included. The RFC is
pretty clear on that one (section 4, 2251):

   ... If a client has not sent
   a bind, the server MUST assume that version 3 is supported in the
   client (since version 2 required that the client bind first).