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Re: OL 2.0.8 & ldapmodify error handling


my mistake, I didnt recognize HEAD notice like upcoming release.


On Tue, 13 Apr 2004, Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:

> At 12:39 PM 4/13/2004, Dubravko Penezic wrote:
> >thanks for fast answer, but after instaling version 2.2.8 of Open Ldap,
> >ldapmodify do on same way, nothing change, acording ITS#3057 it
> >should be fixed in version 2.2.7+ .
> No, according to the report, the problem could be found in
> 2.2.7 release, as well as HEAD and 2.2.8 (the +).  According
> to its status (release), the fix is releasable.  That means
> one should be able to find the fix in the 2.2 release
> engineering CVS branch.  It also implies that the fix
> should be included in the next 2.2 release.
> Kurt