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Re: OL 2.0.8 & ldapmodify error handling

At 12:39 PM 4/13/2004, Dubravko Penezic wrote:
>thanks for fast answer, but after instaling version 2.2.8 of Open Ldap,
>ldapmodify do on same way, nothing change, acording ITS#3057 it
>should be fixed in version 2.2.7+ .

No, according to the report, the problem could be found in
2.2.7 release, as well as HEAD and 2.2.8 (the +).  According
to its status (release), the fix is releasable.  That means
one should be able to find the fix in the 2.2 release
engineering CVS branch.  It also implies that the fix
should be included in the next 2.2 release.