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OL 2.0.8 & ldapmodify error handling

Hi !

I just expire that ldapmodify doesnt hendl error corectly or OL doesnt
recognize attribute value.

I try to add one entry to LDAP server with command

/usr/local/bin/ldapmodify -H ldap:// -a -c -x -D
"cn=master,dc=domena,dc=hr" -W -f something.ldif

something.ldif have only one entry and located problem are :

facsimileTelephoneNumber: +385 --------
mobile: -----------

if I add that entry ldapmodify add antry without return any error, OL
doesnt have that entry, but after changing value to

facsimileTelephoneNumber: +385
mobile: +385

everything work well entry is corectly add to OL, but I saw something
strange ldap search return that value of attributs are :

facsimileTelephoneNumber:: KzM4NSA=
mobile:: KzM4NSA=

but on same entry TelephonNumber have corect value +385 98 111 112

acording schema all three attributs are type

" ...
Attribute: facsimileTelephoneNumber
The phone number in the international notation according to CCITT E.123.
The separator `-` instead of space may be used according to the local
habit, it should be used consistently within a country.

      Format: "+"   ["x" ]

      Example: +41 1 268 1540

BNC Syntax: NAME 'facsimileTelephoneNumber' SYNTAX


so - are legitme character.

Dubravko Penezic
University Computing Center, Zagreb, Croatia