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Re: limits directive broken in 2.2.8 (ITS#3078)

> Full_Name: Martin Evans
> Version: 2.2.8
> OS: Solaris 8
> URL:
> Submission from: (NULL) (
> Setting this in my slapd.conf in the database section has no effect:
>  limits dn.base="uid=syncrepl,dc=qmul,dc=ac,dc=uk" time.hard=none
> size.hard=none
> The imposed size limit seems to be set by the global sizelimit
> directive. The slapd.conf man page states otherwise.
> Also, as a test, I tried changing it to:
>  limits anonymous size.hard=none
> These searches were also limited by sizelimit.

I'm afraid there might be a misunderstanding.
"hard" limits means that they are activated
by explicitly requesting a size limit from the
client's side; otherwise the "soft" limits are
used.  Soft limits default to the default size
limit of the server (usually 500 in OpenLDAP's
slapd).  Do you get the desired unlimited
number of entries if you explicitly request a
very high limit with -z?


Pierangelo Masarati